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Dad, I don't care

Posted by Matthew Bryant on


This is my favorite (and only) son, Alex.  This was a pic from our last visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  We were joined by my dad (another car lover) who was visiting from Michigan, so together we represented three generations.  However, it’s clear from this photo that Alex doesn’t care about family history, cars, or taking pictures for that matter.


He could care less that his dad and grandfather love cars because he’s more of a basketball and snacks kind of kid right now, but eventually he’ll join us...or he’ll be grounded until he does.


Anyways, when you visit the Petersen Automotive Museum you’ll see this stunning McLaren P1.  I highly recommend taking one of their Vault tours. They are perfect for any car lover or enthusiast since you will see cars that may never be seen again and learn some amazing historical facts.


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