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Driving Maybach Style

Posted by Matthew Bryant on


Powerful biturbo engine:   

Active multicontour front seats with massage:

Heated/Ventilated, massaging and power-reclining rear seats:

Burmester Surround Sound audio system with 26 speakers and 1190 watts:

Rear fridge for wine and special Maybach wine glasses? YOU SERIOUS!?

When it comes to luxury sedans, I’m sure sure that there are quite a few that we could list and agree on.  However, when it comes to extremely luxurious sedans, there are only a few that make the cut and are equipped with serious options.  These are the sedans that you don’t necessarily drive: you are driven in them. Case in point: the Mercedes Maybach. Based off the S-Class model, this is the ultimate Mercedes sedan.  Available in the S560 (biturbo V8) or the powerful S650 (biturbo V12) trims, this sedan attracts your attention with its flawless elegance. The interior alone is so finely detailed with amazing features that make you feel like royalty.

So, the obvious question: what’s it like to drive a Maybach? Well, it drives like a dream, smooth and peaceful.  The Burmester surround system is no joke: you feel like you are sitting in front of an orchestra. I will say that the active multicontour driver seat caught me off guard.  As the car turns on the roads, the seat contours to keep you in place, especially on banked curves. Its amazing yet rare to drive a luxury sedan that has elegance and 1st class features for both driver and passenger in different forms.  This is precisely why Mercedes is the best or nothing.


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