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Ready to Launch

Posted by Matthew Bryant on

Caught the tail end of Super Cars by the Sea I was out in Huntington Beach, and caught a few of my favorite sportscars getting ready for takeoff: A Dodge Viper GTS-R,  a modified Chevy Corvette, and a Dodge Viper TA. I was excited see these vehicles for a couple reasons; the Viper GTS-R is a rare model to see but easy to spot with the giant wing on the back.  I didn’t get it in this pic since I was driving when I took it, but trust me, it’s there. Plus, the orange one in front reminded me of Michigan, where I use to live and where the Viper was originally built.  The Corvette has been a huge favorite of mine for the longest time. I am curious as to what additional modifications were done to this one.  I’m guessing the exhaust system and engine were upgraded since the exhaust sounded vicious.  Next time, I wanna see a race, mainly so I get to hear that Vette roar.


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