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The ATS-V Run

Posted by Matthew Bryant on


So, what is it like getting behind the wheel of the ATS-V coupe? Pretty freaking awesome, as long as you follow the directions and guidelines given by the instructor ( which I did, of course).  Granted this was not done on a real racetrack, but the same rules apply: safety is KEY. Soo, what is the best way to enjoy driving this awesome vehicle? Obviously smashing the gas is the ideal way to go.  However, for smooth performance, ease a little into the gas medal, then smash it. Luckily, my instructor was awesome: he used very simple words and instructions (punch it, cut right, accelerate, no braking, etc).  I’ll admit it: accelerating into the turns was fun and scary, but my instructor had total confidence (even I was impressed).    


I did my run in 26.4 seconds, which I thought was pretty good considering I only got to do one run.  In the video, one of the instructors does a pretty impressive run in a blue ATS-V. Special thanks to Cadillac and the team of instructors and professional drivers here for this a great and safe experience. 



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