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Posted by Matthew Bryant on

Most of you are familiar with The Grand Tour show on Amazon. Well, at the 2018 LA Auto Show, I caught a glimpse of the Ford Mustang Rocket, which is a featured vehicle in a new game modeled after the show.   The game that originated from Amazon Prime will be available for X-Box and PS4 as early as this January. New content (both cars and tracks) is updated on a regular basis so you won’t get bored with this game.

The real-life version of The Mustang Rocket comes loaded with 725 Horsepower, 21-inch tires, and a carbon fiber body kit that keeps it light and fast on the road.

I did get a chance to test out the game at the LA Auto Show.  I have to say, it’s no “Need For Speed” but it was definitely entertaining listening to the guys go back in forth like they always do while I was testing out the track.


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