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The Mustang EV...SUV??

Posted by Matthew and Angela Bryant on

While I was checking out the LA Auto Show, I happen to come across the Mustang Mach E, the newest EV vehicle from Ford.  The design was actually pretty cool and the specs are pretty interesting:  5 trim levels, including a GT and a special First Edition models.  Driving range is an impressive 270 miles with the AWD model and you will be looking at a 0-60 mph in the 5-second window.  Base models start around $43,000 and the top trim GT will start around $60,000.  So what is my issue with the vehicle? The name, obviously.  Don't get me wrong, I actually like the Mustang (GT500 anyone?) especially the old school ones, but to place the name on an SUV and its all electric? I mean, people buy muscle cars for muscle: big V8 engines, loud exhaust, smoking tires, etc.  However, with the way technology is advancing, EV vehicles are becoming more common.  But I'm also reminded of what my dad said to me: No one buys a Corvette to hear nothing.  


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